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Portrait Gift Card

Portrait Gift Card

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We offer Gift Cards at the following prices: £10.00, £25.00, £50.00 and £100.00.

This option is perfect if you:

  • Don't have a pet photo just yet
  • Are planning on becoming a pet owner some time soon and want to give your family a subtle hint...
  • Want to surprise a pet owner with an amazing gift, without giving away the surprise by asking 'Hey do you have a photo of your pet I could borrow?'
  • Know somebody who would adore a masterpiece of their pet to hang in their home!

Gift Cards are redeemable to cover an order in-part or in-full and are redeemable for 1 full year from the date of purchase. The gift card will expire exactly 365 days after the date it was purchased.

Note that Gift Cards are emailed to you digitally and that we do not print and ship physical gift cards or certificates.

Also note: You cannot apply a Gift Card and use a discount code on the same order.